If you are lovers of the universe of NieR and especially collectors, you will be happy to know that one was presented on the occasion of today's live broadcast new merchandise line, which includes a lot of exclusive gadgets and accessories - and equally expensive.

The two main objects are the pair of necklaces based on 2B and Kaine, both very important characters in their respective games (Automata and Gestalt). Together there are also YoRHa and Lacrima themed keychains, cloth handkerchiefs, classic T-shirts and even a couple of umbrellas, all obviously NieR themed. Find everything in the gallery below.

At the moment, the merchandise is exclusively available for pre-order through the Japanese shop in Square Enix. But some are also present in that American, such as the necklaces of 2B and Kaine, and in the future they could also land in the rest of the world. In the meantime, why not take a look at the two new titles in the franchise announced today, NieR Reincarnation e NieR Replicant?