We all know, the internet can be a wonderful place for some, as much as hell for others. Twitch it is no exception and the cases of streamers invaded by toxic and rude users they increase from day to day.

The streaming platform therefore has implemented a couple of tools to enable their content creators to defend themselves even more effectively. From the next few hours the people who will be blocked for inappropriate behavior will be automatically removed by followers of the aforementioned channel. As if that were not enough, and this is perhaps the most important novelty, the ban will be connected to the IP address of the subject in question and no longer simply to the account. In this way there is a brake (even if this block is still easily circumvented, it is good to specify it), to the double accounts used to continue in the little virtuous mission of insulting in the chat of a streaming from which you have already been removed.

Although these measures are by no means 360-degree resolutions, they still represent Twitch's will fight unpleasant situations like the ones described above. Currently such tools are in implementation phase. However, they should already be operational within the next few hours.