When some users with a lot of ambition are offered a free and unlimited sandbox like Minecraft, the results may touch the absurd. And if you thought you saw big plans, wait until you hear this. A very dedicated individual known on YouTube as PippenFTS, has started one in the last few days great initiative.

Some time ago, the "Terra 1 to 1" mod was published on the Internet, which you can find at this address if you are interested. This tool makes use of data from sites like Open Street Map and Mapzen for recreate the entire earth's surface on a 1: 1 scale, where a cube corresponds to an effective meter.

PippenFTS has called together all Minecraft fans to go even further. The user wants indeed rebuild every corner of the world (including roads and cities) in a map created with the aforementioned mod. He himself has already started building a virtual version of Seattle.

Of course the ambition is really great here, if not too much, but who knows how much a good number of volunteers and several months of work they will be able to create. On the other hand, Minecraft remains the most viewed game of 2019, therefore the workforce is certainly not lacking.