Sony has published an update regarding the possible impact of Coronavirus about his business.

How is it possible read in a note, the Japanese company does not foresee any kind of delay regarding the Game & Network Services segment. What, in a nutshell, interests the videogame world closely.

Not expecting any kind of delay in the marketing of the products, Sony says it is fairly certain that Coronavirus will not have a significant impact on the current fiscal year, despite the recent news of the lowering of the download speed on the Playstation Network which involved Europe and the USA.

Forecasts aside, Sony is still monitoring the production of its titles, both first party and third party:

"Although no problems have emerged so far, Sony is carefully monitoring the risk of delays in the production plan of the gaming software, both as regards the first party studies and our partners, mainly in Europe and the United States" reads in the note.

No mention however regarding PS5 and a possible disruption of plans regarding the marketing of the future console.