GungHo Online Entertainment announced that Ninjala, his most recent Nintendo Switch title, will be available for free all over the world Nintendo eShop from May 28, 2020. In addition to the release date, the new trailer presented during Nintendo Direct provides an overview of the game system and the world of Ninjala.

The trailer reveals that Ninjala will be available on Switch, allowing players from all over the globe to collide with each other. Players will be able to choose from a selection of colorful ninja children, up to eight players in melee against all or joining forces with friends in team battles 4 on 4. Test your ninja skills by turning 'Ninja Tires' into exceptional weapons on the fly, and take advantage of ninjutsu and your great parkour skills to whiz like lightning on the battlefield. Membership in Nintendo Switch Online will not be required to play online games, and players will have a variety of skins and emotes available to customize their ninjas as they please.

"Ninjala is completely different from anything we've ever created before," says Kazuki Morishita, GOE president and CEO. “Where have you ever seen a game in which you fight with chewing gum and run on buildings wearing colorful ninja cloths? Switch players will be thrilled with Ninjala's immersive online PvP experience, and will allow them to become the ninja they have always dreamed of being! "