For anyone who loves free games, Steam is ready to offer four more zero-priced titles, which follow the trio of signed works orangejuice of today. Take advantage of it as long as the store feels in the mood for gifts, as everyone will go back on sale on March 31st.

Hellion, Zero Gravity 's ambitious finished project, is the Early Access version of a space exploration with survival elements, thought to be a kind of science fiction Rust. Unfortunately, the development team has abandoned support and now the game is permanently stuck in one incomplete state, but if you want to take a look at its potential (defined by some as very promising) you can take advantage of the free download.

UNI is a collection of 40 mini-games designed for families and groups of friends who want to have fun together. No skills of any kind are required e anyone can immediately learn to play, so it could be your chance to join all your roommates on the sofa (or desk) and spend these quarantine days together.

Probably the most promising of the gang, Clay it's a classic racing game with toy cars and tracks. You can challenge the computer in Arcade mode, try to reach the finish line within the maximum time limit or compete against other players in split screen. Simple, but functional (and free, more than anything else).

To close the quartet is Martian Law, arcade title in which we play the role of a Martian snail and we must defend our puppies from a rain of destructive devices, counting on the support of platforms and various enhancements. In practice, the flash version of Space Invaderswhere the aliens are the ones who are invaded.

Of course, these are not colossal works, but more casual players may find some fun in this new one roundup of free titles. Here are the links to the pages of Steam for download: