GameStopGameStop announced a plan to cut over 320 stores over the year.

At an investor conference, the vice president Jim bell indeed announced the closure of a number of stores "Equal to or higher than last year".

"In 2020 we will continue our work of thinning out the number of global stores and we expect closures to be equal to or greater than the 320 registered in fiscal 2019" Bell said. “We will continue to focus on optimizing our stores as in the past year, with a net decrease of 321 stores, including 333 closings and 12 openings. In fiscal 2020 we will continue with the streamlining of the number of stores and we will focus on maximizing the productivity of the entire network of stores ".

No alarm though according to Bell, who claims it is precise planning and not the limited income recently accrued by the company:

“We want to emphasize the fact that closures are a specific and proactive part of our thinning plan and are in no way related to recent market trends. We expect these to impact positively on sales and growth, transferring the sales volume to nearby stores ".

To be noted as in the last quarter of 2019, GameStop saw its sales drop by 28,4%. A percentage that the company attributed to the end-of-life period of the current consoles and to the postponement to 2020 of nine major titles expected for last year. A circumstance that led to a 27,8% drop in software sales, with only the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the titles for Nintendo Switch to make an exception in the general trend.