Half-Life: Alyx, the highly anticipated new chapter of the Valve has finally come out for the various viewers for the Virtual reality. However, his "exclusivity" risks cutting out a good portion of the user (we consider that only about 1-2% of players - according to a dated survey December 2019 - owns a VR headset). Thinking about a hypothetical solution Robin Walker, big shot of the community of modding who over the years has collaborated with Valve in the creation of the series of Team Fortress, Counter Strike and finally Half-Life same.

Half-Life: Alyx GameplayDuring his last interview with the portal of PolygonWalker shared his interest in being able to see a possible mod for the last chapter of the series that allows the use of the latter without the use of a dedicated headset.

“It would show people why this game is exclusively VR. It would be possible to see the adjustments made during the transition to virtual reality and - if it were equally enjoyable - it would teach me a lot. I would realize that I was wrong, and that we have not experienced enough with it. And I love knowing I was wrong. "

What do you think? It would actually be possible for the community to make a mod "Anti-VR"? How long does it take? And finally, how much would it affect the gaming experience?