The beauty of the demo of Resident Evil 3: Remake hit all fans of the horror series Capcom, except of course the owners of Nintendo Switch on which the game is not expected or has never been announced.

The modder FluffyQuack has though discovered that, within the PC demo code, there are several strings referring to the hybrid console.

Resident-Evil-3-Remake-PDV-codes (1)

In these lines of code we can see clear references to theself-rescue on Nintendo Switch, in addition to those for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Resident-Evil-3-Remake-PDV-codes (2)

Here instead we see references to the various stores of the consoles: Nintendo eShop also present.

The reasons why we find these lines are unknown: maybe Capcom initially did tests to bring Resident Evil 3: Remake also on Nintendo Switch, or maybe the software house is still willing to do it, maybe in Cloud version as happened in Japan with the seventh chapter.

We can really get chased by the Nemesis also on the hybrid console? Probably if we know more in the future.