Capcom has official launch announced of the third free update dedicated to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This content is currently only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to the variants of some of the most fearsome monsters already present in the game, hunters will be able to access the hunts of Master degree. Below all the contents of the Title Update 3:

New challengers take the field

Only the most daring hunters will be able to oppose the Rajang when it gets angry in its golden state. His variant, Rajang Furioso, takes advantage of his growing anger to further enhance his attacks. With his golden armor crackling with energy, any clash with this predator will be a total assault. Capable of close-range attacks, as well as new medium and long-range attacks, Rajang Furioso does not allow you to rest easy at any distance. And since Rajang Furious has few weak points to exploit, hunters will have no choice but to attack this threat directly.

The variant Brachydios Rabbioso offers numerous explosive changes with a dangerous one with an explosive slime dripping from different parts of his body. Hunters can drip the slime by attacking specific parts of its body, but they will have to be careful to avoid the bigger explosive areas once the slime touches the ground. The upgraded version of this monster already seen in the past can also force hunters into clashes without rules in confined spaces where escape is not an option.

Hunters brave enough to face these new threats will be rewarded with material to create new valuable equipment for their Palico, weapons, armor with new skill bonuses and decorative pendants.

Weapons Style, Hunter Support Updates and more

Title Update 3 also introduces Weapon Styles, which alter the appearance of weapons without changing their stats. The first Weapon Styles are already available now and allow players to customize their already upgraded weapons with various monster parts. In April, uniquely designed weapons will join the Weapon Styles. The Hunter Assistance system has been completely overhauled, with increased monetary rewards for those who help lower Master Grade hunters and with increased drop rates for different types of missions. Assisting hunters with Assignments now offers a chance to receive rare decorations via Carved Stonefalls, while other normal missions will reward hunters with regal Armor Spheres to upgrade their armor. These Orbs will certainly be useful, as rarity 12 armor can now be upgraded to level 20.

Guiding Lands fans will now have access to a new tool: the Banishing Ball. Mission leaders can now hunt unwanted monsters from the region. Hunters who like to relax after a busy quest now have a new multitude of paid DLCs available which will provide new housing options, including new monster statuettes, musical options and furniture. Even the most fashionable hunters have reason to rejoice, given that all the hairs of the World NPCs are now available in character customization. Combining these new hairstyles with the new paid DLC pendants and stickers will allow you to flaunt your hunter's style even more.

New events for this season

The day after the release scheduled for April 8 of Title Update 3 for PC players, both PC and console communities will be able to celebrate the arrival of a new seasonal event of Seliana, the Full Bloom Fest, and at the same time, the arrival of new content for all platforms! The entire base will be permeated by a rosy atmosphere, with new decorations of the collection hub, new meals in the canteen, a new Poogie costume, seasonal equipment for the Palico, pendants, seasonal costumes for the Handler, and new options for the guild card. During the Full Bloom Fest, login bonuses and bounties will guarantee tickets to create an elegant event armor, as well as new event quests that will provide material for a helmet style based on the rare endemic creature Downy Crake, and a pair of double blades Whetfish.

Future Updates

In April, hunters will have even more challenges available, with the introduction of the Master Grade fighter by the glittering Kulve Taroth and the appearance of the Arch-Tempered Namielle. The new event mission of the Kulve Taroth allows groups of four hunters to collect materials that allow to upgrade the siege equipment from High Grade to Master Grade. Hunters will also need to have good intelligence, weapons and strategies before approaching the fearsome power of Alatreon itinerant nature. In the coming days more information will be shared on this very dangerous Ancient Dragon.

As reported above, the PC version Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be updated slightly late than the console counterparts. The contents will in fact be available on PC starting from the next 8th April.