If the GDC 2020 had it taken place Google would have announced the plan Stadia Makers, made official in these hours.

The project in question will be a program can provide to independent developers all the tools needed to bring your games to Stadia too. Below are the services that will be available to all affiliates:

  • Technical Support: Unity experts will provide program developers with a technical support structure to help their projects meet launch, alpha, beta, certification and launch dates.
  • Free development hardware: Participants will receive up to five physical development kits depending on the size and structure of the team.
  • Financing: Stadia will compensate for some of the costs resulting from cross-platform development and the porting process.

Google therefore seems to have started one massive countryside to get the favors of small developers. The indie market is in fact increasingly flourishing, as well as capable of keep the flow of released games constant on a certain platform.

The service in question will be made available to all Unity-based software developers who plan to launch their titles in 2020 and 2021.