ArtifactIntense period of work in the Valve house which, in addition to his projects on the home straight, he is also preparing to relaunch his unfortunate card game, Artifact.

With the exit now at the gates of a promising Half-Life: Alyx and a successful auto-chess after all, Dota Underlords (albeit in decline as the entire auto-battler genre now), it seems that the time has come for the software house to rediscover its most scorching failure.

Artifact was an attempt to translate the Dota 2 gaming experience into a card game. A project entrusted to an industry legend like Richard Garfield and that initially seemed ready to outperform the competition.

After an overall positive start, however, the game quickly dropped due to what players perceived to be a somewhat excessive access cost: 20 euros for the basic version and tickets for paid tournaments have turned away a general public now accustomed to the proven free to play model of Hearthstone, GWENT and Magic Arena.

The ending to the story was rather bitter, with Garfield turned away from the project, the development suspended indefinitely and the Twitch section of the game that emptied, even ending up being the hangout of channels dedicated to the illegal transmission of films and adult content.

Valve however, never seems to have given up on Artifact and the provisioning period may have finally come to an end. Word of Gabe Newell in person.

"Artifact was an interesting failure during its first life cycle" Valve founder told Edge Magazine, “We were surprised. We thought it was a solid product. We did an experiment and the result was negative. Now we need to see what we've learned from this, so it's time to try again. That's what the Artifact team did and that's what they're ready to release. Based on the reactions, what was wrong with the product? How did we get to this point? Let's fix the mistakes and try to relaunch it ".

As reported by Edge, the working title of the project is Artifact 2, but it's unclear whether it's a sequel or a complete rework of the original card game. What is certain is that it will be an important reboot of the project and players won't have to wait long to virtually get their hands on it.