It is no secret that with the increase in people stopped at home because of the emergency Coronavirus, in the last few days many users have come face to face with a drop in the quality of our connections because of overload. Well, in a time when we all need a dose of Netflix and chills, the european union came forward with a singular request.

Thierry Breton Netflix

According to what was written by the European Commissioner for the internal market Thierry breton, the commission itself got in touch with the CEO of the streaming giant Reed Hastings to try to lower the maximum quality of the video playback, and make sure that everyone can not only enjoy all the programs in the Netflix catalog, but also ensure access to the internet.

Netflix's response was immediate and the following release:

“Following the discussion between committee member Thierry Breton and Reed Hastings - given the extraordinary problems created by the coronavirus - we at Netflix decided to start reducing the bit rates of our streams across Europe for 30 days. We estimate that this will reduce traffic on European networks by up to 25%, continuing to guarantee a quality service for members "

In short, for a few days we should get used to the 480p, children of an era gone by.