Opportunity not to be missed today onEpic Games Store, because it is available Watch Dogs for free, title developed by Ubisoft Montréal and published by Ubisoft in May 2014, available for current generation consoles, but also for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game is a action-adventure with elements stealth; key component in the Watch Dogs gameplay is hacking: privacy and personal information are all on which not only the plot is based, but the whole game world.

La Flower is an American company that works in the technological field, and manages software that controls all the urban infrastructure of Chicago; all information and personal data of each citizen are analyzed by Blume.

We will impersonate Aiden Pierce, an expert hacker who wants to avenge the death of his granddaughter at the hands of a criminal organization, and to succeed in his intent, he will be able to resort to his brilliant computer skills, such as bypassing security systems, ringing the cell phones of enemies to distract them and flee , or hack the traffic lights of the streets of Chicago to encourage a car chase.

We remind you that the Watch Dogs it is downloadable through this link.


In addition to the Ubisoft title, it is always available for free The Stanley parable, first person adventure video game developed and published by Galactic Cafe for Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs.
In The Stanley Parable we impersonate precisely Stanley , employee of an office left empty, and our protagonist has the task of solving this mystery, of finding out what happened, choosing whether or not to follow the directions of an external narrator. Depending on our choices, the ending will also vary.

You can download The Stanley Parable for free from Thu, and you always have time until next week.