ChromeGoogle has made the decision to temporarily stop updates to its browser Chrome, in order to make the software as stable and functional as possible. The decision also involves updates relating to Chrome OS, the operating system of the Mountain View home, pre-installed on Chromebook devices.

The news came directly from the twitter profile of developers:

“Due to the change in business hours, we have suspended the release of future versions of Chrome and Chrome OS. Our goal is to make sure they continue to be stable, secure and reliable for anyone who relies on them. We will prioritize security updates, which will be included in Chrome 80. Stay tuned. "

Although updates usually add new features, they often also introduce new bugs to fix. This is the reason behind Google's decision to stop adding new features and limit yourself to the simple security updates of your browser, so as not to slow down the productivity of users currently engaged in remote work in the event that they run into malfunctions.

The development team also explained how technically difficult it would be to work on browser stability during this period of work strongly decentralized due to the containment measures of the Coronavirus.