Path of ExileThe success of Path of Exile shows no sign of diminishing. In fact, the famous ARPG of Grinding Gear Games, more than six years after the PC release, records its record of connected players at the same time.

As reported on official forum, the launch of the new league "Delirium" has exceeded the most optimistic expectations, recording a peak of 237.160 users online despite a heavy DDoS attack that undermined server stability during the first few hours.

"Our previous record was 224.000 players, established with Legion's launch last year." said the co-founder of GGG, Chris Wilson. “This weekend, with the launch of Delirium, we registered 237.160 connected players. We think that this number could have even been higher, since we had to face a DDoS attack that knocked out about 40 of our servers, reducing our capacity ".

Path of Exile: Delirium is already available on PC from March 13, while the console output is scheduled for 22 pm on March 18th.