The market notebook is preparing to undergo a further change of course. According to some corridor rumors, it seems that laptops equipped with the new CPUs are coming in the next month Intel Core XNUMXth Generation and GPUs Nvidia Super.

Gaming notebookThe source of the rumor would be Wccftech, both majors could, at any moment, announce their new product line dedicated to the laptop market. As for Intel, let's talk about CPUs that would go by the model Core i5-10300H, passing through the Core i7-10750H up to the price range high-end With the models Core i9-10880H e Core i9-10980HK.

On the Nvidia side, on the other hand, the new dedicated video cards could be equivalent for the series laptop GeForce GTX 1650, up to performances similar to those of one GeForce RTX 2070 Super.

Basically, if you are among those gamers who cannot do without the high performance in portable form, the month of April could be full of news.