Bored of being locked in the house all day? We too. Luckily Shockdom comes to our aid.

The Italian comic book company has decided to make available for free an endless catalog of Italian comics, through its streaming service on demand YEP until April 3.

"The Italians are forced home by the emergency caused by the rapid spread of the COVID-19, they will thus be able to take advantage of the new version of the platform, online from 10 March and downloadable from the Play Store. The publishing house has in fact decided to offer a large part of the catalog free of charge "

On the site it is specified that no registration is required. This, which is also free, however, brings some advantages such as the ability to download comics and read those for which age verification is provided.

Yep is available both on the web and on android, through the Play Store

Here is a list of the artists involved. Other names may be added over time:

Giuseppe Andreozzi, Giovanni Ballati, Giorgio Battisti, Flaviano Bianchini, Bigio, Maria Luisa Buffardo, Calanda, Salvatore Callerami, Marianna Catone, Elisabetta Cifone, Fabrizio, Cosentino, Dado, Chiara De Plano, Gabriele Falzone, Antonio Fassio, Grillo, Kitsune Yoru, Paolo Margiotta, Luca Molinaro, Nebbioso, Francesca Perrone, Marta Quaglia, Chiara Raimondi, Elisa Romboli, Marco Scali, Yes, Oriana Staiano, Elena Toma, Marcello Toninelli
Emanuele Manu Tonini, Marco Torti, Enrico Trentin, Fabio Valentini, Salvatore Vivenzio.