On sales of Death Stranding we do not know anything: Sony in fact has not released sales data on one of the flagship games for PlayStation 4, but now to talk about it is a well-known insider who, at least in the past, has never spoken without having certain sources.

Dusk Golem, this is his nickname, indeed established that Hideo Kojima's last effort was a sales flop, with more than three million unsold physical copies, which Sony would not have particularly liked. These are his words:

Death Stranding was a flop. At the beginning it sold very well but there would be more than 3 million unsold copies, and sales slowed down a lot after the dayone, which also irritated many of the actors involved.

Death Stranding had been thought of as a different, much darker and horror game, but after about a year and a half of development it was almost completely canceled, a sort of soft reset. For this reason Sony and Kojima have had contrasts and some Sony internal studies were against the much money offered to Kojima and his team.

That said, Dusk Golem is keen to point out how currently the relations between the producer and the Japanese company are excellent and that the eventual arrival of a new Silent Hill will be proof of this consolidated bond.