We are facing an unprecedented situation. L'Coronavirus emergency seems to have changed, at least for the moment, our habits, and the Government asks the Italians not to move from home. Until April 3, we will be effectively unable to hang out with friends and girlfriends; in this scenario the internet comes towards us giving us the opportunity to socialize.

So how can a gamer have relationships with your friends, staying at home and with an internet connection available? Playing Online!

So today I bring your attention 5 titles that will allow you to feel a little less alone these days, thanks to their online co-op component.


Il Pokémon clone it was a bit the phenomenon at the beginning of the year. Thanks to a fan base not exactly satisfied by the last chapter of the brand developed by Game Freak, many have launched onEarly access to Temtem. The title published directly from Humble Bundle offers an experience at least similar to its original counterpart, but placing an emphasis on online and cooperative aspects, so as to make it in all respects a true MMO. The title can be fully tackled together with a friend. Exploration, goals, catches and fights can indeed be shared in real time online. Currently only available on Steam at a cost of 30,99 Euros, the game will be also launched on consoles during the upcoming spring.

Overcooked 2

Giving a definition or a genre of belonging to the game in question is not easy. Party Game? Puzzle Game? Action (joking ... but not so much)? The only sure thing is that overcooked is incredibly fun, especially when played together. Already the first chapter could have entered the year of this article, too bad for the total absence of an online multiplayer mode. In the second chapter, however, this function was added by giving us the opportunity to have fun cooking crazy dishes, at crazy rhythms, with other players sitting comfortably on the sofa at home. The title offers both a cooperative and a competitive set of rules for online co-op games. Available on all popular gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter

How many hunters are already present among our readers? I bet many! Monster Hunter it is one of those brands that, once it has entered the life of a videogame player, hardly leaves it. An indispensable companion of every occasion in which, for the most disparate reasons, we find ourselves locked in the house. This Coronavirus emergency seems to give us the opportunity to dust off our game copy and go into the hunt for immense and dangerous creatures; strictly in the company of our expert friend with all the coolest sets in the game, who will help us to farm material and save us from the fiercest monsters. Two versions of the game are currently available on the market: the most recent, that is Monster Hunter World and its expansion Iceborn, available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which offers the gaming experience more in step with today's standards as regards rhythm, gameplay and technical sector; for those wishing to tackle a mammoth adventure in terms of content, I would recommend talking instead Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.


Caciarone, fully playable in co-op up to 4 players and with a lot of content available. Borderlands it binds a strong online cooperative component to a typically role-playing game structure capable of eliciting laughter throughout the course of the adventure thanks to a rigorously demented humor. The title is affordable right from the start, and throughout the course of the adventure, in the company of friends online. The hallmark of the production is the immense number of weapons, obtainable by defeating the enemies or finding the chests scattered around the map. Where's the fun? The loot is shared. This means that you will have to run faster than your "friends" to get the desired reward. For a few months is on the market the third chapter of the series, but we also guarantee on quality of previous titles, being in any case aged very well.

World of Warcraft

Need to add more? The last co-op title that I would recommend to you to spend these days of forced holidays could only be World of Warcraft. 15 years of content behind us. A setting, a universe and a narrative to say the least unique. Prohibitive for most adults, or in any case for those who have many commitments and little time to devote to video games, it seems that the time may have come for many of us to pull out our credit cards and activate a month's subscription. It doesn't matter if you want to tackle raids, raids, standard missions or just find out lore which lies behind the production Blizzard, World of Warcraft is simply The game to play together online.

Hoping to have been of assistance in suggesting you some good titles to share in co-op, rigorously online being everyone at home before, I also invite you to follow the further insights on which our entire editorial team is working in these days to keep you company. We too, in our small way, are keen to pass on the most important message that must necessarily convey these days: stay home... at least today you have 5 other reasons to do it.