One of the presentation games of Google Stadia it really was DOOM Eternal, the title of id Software to be released on March 20 on consoles and PC. Among the various information that illustrated the potential of the platform, it had also been highlighted as the shooter on Stadia would have had native 4K resolution, unlike the other versions which at most would have been upscaled.

Well, it won't be. Bethesda has indeed published the technical specifications of each version e that for Google Stadia will also be upscaled: DOOM Eternal will in fact shoot at 1800p and 60fps, with an upscaling system that will bring the image to 2160p.

We will still have a worthy resolution, which will make us appreciate the goodness of the shooter id Software, yet this news once again puts Google Stadia in a bad light, as if "admit it”Hadn't been enough.