The streaming game will likely be the future of gaming, with the consoles sooner or later evolving into something different from what we mean today. Google she wanted to look further and entered this world with Stadia, with moderate success.

If the idea and potential are certainly excellent, a little less is the realization itself, especially by counting the titles available in the library of this console. Google itself, in a promotional tweet, seems to have "admitted" that the catalog is empty:

With this tweet the company has used every letter that makes up the word "Stadia" as the initial of a game title, but finding nothing for the letter "i" and then using an emoji instead.

The idea was nice and functional, but then in practice it revealed itself wrong choice: maybe it would have been smarter to wait for the release of a game whose title begins with the "i" rather than using an emoji that underlines the lack of games.

Or maybe all this is alone a teaser to announce an exclusive coming to Google Stadia.