We know that some productions manage to monopolize the attention and the market at the moment of their launch. cyberpunk 2077 it will probably be an example, which is why the developers of Everspace 2 have well thought of avoid competition.

We learn all of this directly from kickstarter page dedicated to the title. The managers wanted to state the reasons for the postponement of the launch of the Early Access su Steam in a clear way and without looking for excuses.

“Some AAA titles will arrive on the market in the same period that we had framed for the launch of Steam Early Access. The long awaited cyberpunk 2077 was recently postponed to September, and Square Enix's new sci-fi RPG shooter Outriders was just announced for the same month. We have assessed that there is an overlap between that audience and ours, so we have decided that it would not be wise to compete directly with two giants. "

Appointment on Everspace 2 and his Early access in December 2020 therefore. Finally, we will see if the fans, and those who supported the development with donations, will understand the reasons that motivated the creators of the game to postpone their product.