After the leaks that flowed on the internet during the morning, the officiality of Warzone, the (free) version Battle Royale of Call of Duty.

Today Call of Duty becomes bigger, crazier and more free than ever by revealing a brand new experience - for the first time completely free-to-play - inspired by Modern Warfare.

Coming tomorrow, March 10, Warzone offers a new free-to-play gaming experience with the distinctive Call of Duty combat for up to 150 players, set in a huge world full of explorations and discoveries.

Warzone is available for all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players who are unfamiliar with Call of Duty will be able to try training mode to learn basic mechanics and hone their skills before embarking on full online Battle Royale games.

Activision once again it has failed to stem the leakage of information. Such a mode of the famous shooter it was in any case at the center of several rumor, also reported on pages of our site.

Appointment therefore to tomorrow's day for a thorough test of the title in question.