What is the longevity of a game? How many hours does it last or how long does it entertain us? In the first case The Longing it would surely be a champion of durability, since they need a lot to complete it 400 days.

The particular title landed on PC, Mac and Linux already stands out only for its traileralso lasting four hours, and all of this makes sense. At least for developers. The Longing is indeed a hybrid between point and click adventure and an idle gameso even without actually starting the game, the adventure continues.

In The Longing you are in the shoes of Shadow, a servant of the underground kingdom whose king decided to sleep for 400 days to get back to full power: consequently what you have to do is wait for this to wake up, finding something to do in this long period.

As soon as the game is started it starts a countdown that will always continue, both with the game started and in "idle", in fact. It is up to the player to decide whether and how much to play, or maybe start the title only once and then reopen it after 400 days to see the ending.

An idea as ingenious as it is atypical; who knows the poor Shadow whether or not he will receive the help of the players to get distracted in this year and little more time.