The new version of Nemesis  in Resident Evil 3 - Remake will have something terrifying and unique, in fact it will be able to chase and hunt us even in the safe room, or the room used for the rescue.

Safe rooms in Resident Evil have always been a welcome respite from terror. Regardless of what was chasing us, we always comforted ourselves that we could go into the room with the typewriter and the inventory crate for a moment of rest to save our game and manage our belongings.

Even Mr. X was polite enough to leave us alone and abandon his search for a moment when we were in the safe room. Well, Capcom does not like that safe rooms are abused and therefore decided to give the good Nemesis the possibility to open the door and attack us.

There will still be some areas where Nemesis will not follow us, but Capcom's goal with Nemesis has been to make it a more constant and terrifying threat. We just have to experience the thrill with your hand. Appointment next April 3, the date on which Resident Evil 3 - Remake will be available on consoles and PC.