Rockfish Games officially postponed the debut of Everspace 2 su Steam Early Access.

Initially, Everspace 2 was due to enter Early Access on Steam in September 2019, only to be postponed to December 2019. The postponement also includes closed alpha and beta tests that had previously been scheduled.

The game's alpha closed is now scheduled for May and the closed beta will debut in August. The causes of the delay partly depended on the COVID-19 but also by the "postponement of important business meetings with platform operators", according to Rockfish, which is an important part of bringing a game to the market.

Rockfish has reassured fans that he is continuing to work on the game but will have to wait a little longer than expected. Everspace 2 has had a successful campaign on Kickstarter, which eventually brought together nearly 8.000 supporters to finance the project, raising € 503.478.