The announcement of Half-Life Alyx turned out to be a big push for sales of Valve Index, the high-end VR viewer of the American company of the same name. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, success can also have negative sides: shortly after the presentation of the title, stocks have dried because ofsudden increase in demand and the special introductory offer - one free copy of the game for each purchase.

Due to this surge, many players have not been able to buy a viewer model, despite the promise of Valve to resolve the situation before Half-Life Alyx's release date. The recent spread of the Coronavirus in fact, it caused several delays in production, a factor that sparked many doubts about the possibility of receiving supplies on time. The company, however, is not intimidated: in a recent announcement, further confirmation has arrived that new stocks of Valve Index will be distributed before March 23.

If you are among the unfortunate who still have not been able to get a copy of the helmet, we advise you to be patient and follow the providers. Some rumors suggest that the headset will be available again on 9 Marchtherefore open eyes.