PornhubPornhub, famous entertainment platform for adults, released his first non-red light film, titled "Shakedown".

It is a documentary by Leilah Weinraub which depicts an LGBTQ strip club in Los Angeles in the early 2000s.

It has been visible to MoMa and Whitney Museum in the past three years, but had never been made available on-demand.

The project will have its own "Home" section on Pornhub, where users will be able to watch the film and discuss it together, with weekly talks by Leilah Weinraub scheduled every Saturday in March.

The virtual space was designed to make the event more attractive to the female audience and to "Simulate the experience of watching the film together even if you are alone" commented the author.

The vision of Shakedown will remain free on Pornhub for the whole month of March. Later, the film will arrive on TV on the Criterion Channel and will be available for purchase on the iTunes Store.

Alex Klein, director of the adult brand, commented: “The film is part of a bigger commitment by Pornhub to support art. We want to be a platform that artists can use. We have already seen artists uploading content to the site that probably would not find space on platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo that do not allow the presence of nudity. For us, hosting the premiere of a film is an absolute novelty and we are excited about it. "