Leaving us behind InnerSpace, which has been on display for the past seven days now Epic Games Store gives us GÖNNER, a platformer with roguelike elements of Art in Heart and Raw Fury available for free until March 12th. Run to redeem one copy from the storeuntil the offer expires.

In this fast-paced title, the player faces ever new and overflowing dungeons of enemies for get the highest score possible. The main purpose is to complete the daily challenges and get involved against opponents from all over the world, trying to climb the standing before reset at midnight.

In addition to the competitive component, GoNNER is also full of secrets and elements to unlock, which allow you to collect equipment and skills to take with you in subsequent games. A good deal of patience will be needed, but the score multiplier and exploration progress know how reward the toughest players.

If you are looking for a roguelike that will stand up to the great classics of the genre, like The Binding of Isaac ed Enter the Gungeon, don't miss this gift from Epic Games.