It was in 2008. The University of Washington distributed an experimental video game developed by the Department of Science and Computer Science. His name is Foldit and its purpose is to allow players the antiviral protein design.

This gamification process, as you can well imagine, therefore finds space today after 12 years. L'Coronavirus emergency in fact, it led the developers to update the software by adding the COVID-19 among the available puzzles.

“Coronaviruses show a protein on their surface, which binds tightly to a receptor protein found on the surface of human cells. Once the virus binds to the human receptor it can infect the human cell and replicate. If we were able together to design a protein capable of blocking the process described, a cure would potentially be found! "

Italian gamers, it's time to roll up our sleeves. For the more curious we invite you to visit directly the official portal dedicated to Foldit.