league of legendsRiot Games has announced the closure of boards, community meeting place which, some years ago, he had redesigned the structure of the official forum making it more like a League of Legends subreddit.

Because of a "Significant drop in interest", Riot has decided to remove the service from 9 March.

“Starting March 9, we will close League of Legends Boards. We know that some of you used it regularly so we didn't make this decision lightly. In any case, after finding out how many of you were actually using Boards, it became clear how the popularity of the platform and service had dropped significantly. Both players and Rioters have moved to other discussion platforms like Reddit and Discord, leaving Boards sparsely populated. " Riot said in an official statement.

So that we can give users the opportunity to store everything that is of interest to them, Boards will enter read-only mode from March 9th, remaining accessible.

The following week, however, will go permanently offline, disappearing forever from the official website of league of legends.

It is curious to note that the announcement of Riot Games did not trigger great reactions on Boards, somehow legitimizing the publisher's decision to cease the service.