Star Citizen It is clearly a title whose history and development process will be destined to remain unique for several years. The developers are constantly working to complete their work, without giving up on continuously implement new mechanics.

We are told today how the new works survival system through an appropriate official video. Jonny Jacevicius, senior designer of Cloud Imperium, said that although Star Citizen is not a survival game in the traditional sense, it will have a system to manage hunger, thirst and temperature of the virtual alter ego of the players. Hypothermia, for example, could therefore be the obvious consequence of not wearing the right suit when exploring a planet. There will also be buffs and debuffs from food and drink. The various statuses will also be indicated thanks to visual effects, which will become increasingly intrusive as the character approaches the game over.

The depth level of the mechanics inserted and foreseen in Star Citizen it is truly remarkable. For those interested in trying the experience offered by the title, we invite you to periodically stay connected for communications on any new ones free test sessions.