In the past few days, the team of Kojima Productions is having fun teasing fans with a series of cryptic messages and allusions of various types, taking advantage of the posts on social to give clues about the future - or so it is believed. An announcement actually came just today: the exit date of the PC version of Death Stranding, the last odyssey of Hideo Kojima.

However, there seems to be something else going on for this month as well. Another tweet the author, always dated today, in fact reads the writing "March" accompanied by the photo of a calendar hanging on the wall. Unless the master simply wants to show us his beautiful new poster, the image could indicate that Kojima Productions has in mind reveal something in the coming days.

It could be the phantom new chapter of Silent Hill that has been talked about a lot lately? So it seems, judging by everyone else clues left behind by the father of Death Stranding and his collaborators. We are waiting to find out what is cooking, if it is a big news or a trivial joke.