Un benchmark leaked on the net, it would seem to have revealed the new cards of Nvidia, including the GeForce RTX 3080. A GPU with well 33 teraflops. The two graphics cards appeared on Geekbench and would feature 118 and 108 Mulit processors. This would result in 7.552 and 6.912 CUDA cores.

Performance far beyond what is seen in the current range of Nvidia chips. The larger chip contains around 24 GB of memory, runs at 1,11 GHz and has an OpenCL score of 184.096 on Geekbench.

Be careful though, these data do not necessarily indicate that we are facing the best performing graphics card ever. If Nvidia decides to double the flops in the next generation of GPUs, the performance of the two graphics cards would be nothing short of stunning but if it decides not to do so, we will probably have two "simple" graphics cards with 17 TFLOP and 14 TFLOP in hand.

There is however to consider that the largest and most performance card on the market now has 17 TFLOP, increasing the clock speed of 1,11 GHz to adapt to the 1,77 GHz of the Titan RTX would reach performances very close to 26 TFLOP. Something that could also happen with any new RTX GPUs.

If we're lucky we won't have to wait too long, as an announcement of Nvidia's next generation GPUs at the GTC is expected later this month.