With the Coronavirus in circulation, many events related to the world of video games are suffering delays or collateral damage, even quite heavy. The most blatant case is that of GDC, delayed by the organization after numerous publishers, including Sony e Microsoft, canceled their participation for fear of illness. Although there are still a few months to go, the current situation has made all fans worried about theE3 2020, one of the main events of the year.

Fortunately, a communication from ESA confirmed that there will be no cancellations or delays and everything will follow the normal schedule. In any case, the team will continue to monitor everything to ensure that the health of the participants and exhibitors is not put at risk.

Until further notice, therefore, we can at least be sure that we will not miss the E3 of this June, an event that promises to be full of announcements and details on the next generation videogame.