The modder CleverCharff created two mods for Skyrim - Special Edition which modify the textures of all the mountains of the game and the city of Whiterun.

Both mods are contained in the 4K HD Texture Pack, from the weight of 1.6 GB, heavy enough that the same CleverCharff recommends installing them after loading the other mods into the game.

La Photorealistic Whiterun it modifies every texture of the town, from the exteriors to the interiors of the houses and buildings, and it is available here address.

The second mod, by the name Photorealistic Mountain, significantly improves the graphic rendering of all the mountains in the game world, such as the Gola del Mondo. You can download this mod here .

A job that of ClaverChaffer really admirable, which gave a new brush to the technical sector of the title Bethesda released in November 2011, but which still manages to entertain and amuse thousands of gamers.