Rockstar Games it is not usual to anticipate its games through clues or teasers before the launch, but this time the connection could be much more apparent than normal. The publisher has indeed updated his own place by posting some images, including a large billboard covered with miniatures of the company logo. By sharpening the eye, you can read a few mysterious messages scattered in the background, which read:

"Killing dreams, murdering hope, fighting the righteous, bullying the weak. Why don't you tell me what went wrong? "

This is certainly not a positive or promotional affirmation, and could be references to next title in progress at Rockstar Games. Considering the numerous references to violence, many argue that it could be the expected Grand Theft Auto VI, but what aroused the curiosity of the fans is the wording "bullying the weak".

It is in fact since 2009 that many rumors and alleged leaks try to predict the arrival of Bully 2, sequel canceled of the open-world adventure published on PlayStation 2. Since the publisher would never use a phrase like "oppress the weak" for no reason, hopes are beginning to resurface. However, we know that almost all the corridor rumors that have emerged in the past have been fast denials, and this could be yet another similar case.

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