The videogame transpositions of animation works, almost always Japanese, have had and continue to have an uncertain fate, in alternate phases. Many times, it happens to be in front of a One Piece World Seeker, other times you find yourself dealing with Dragonball Z: Kakarot, just to mention two titles that had a diametrically opposite welcome. In still other cases, however, we are faced with works such as One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. The title is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this February 28. The work is clearly based on the homonymous manga One Punch Man, which obtained an animated adaptation that arrived in Italy in 2016. If the anime has been able to entertain and entertain thousands of users, we must therefore ask ourselves if the interactive counterpart proves to be just as well-trained and suitable for the company.

A hero that nobody knows

In One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows we don't play the protagonist of the Saitama series, but we play the role of a new hero, completely customizable in the aspect, in the movements, to which we must obviously give the name. Not that the initial customization is particularly binding, since we can change any somatic trait - actually recreating scratch our character - whenever we want it. We are therefore an unknown hero, who made his debut within the Association of Heroes and who is initially entrusted with the rank C. Our job? Simple, be a hero completing headquarters missions, defeating enemies and helping citizens in need. All to increase ours ranking and our reputation. A rather anonymous incipit, but which nevertheless represents the perfect pretext to embark on the adventure and give her the right reason for the bad guy.

Go down into the field

We begin the examination of the title from its essential component: the combat system. One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows looks like a classic three-dimensional fighting game, enriched by different features that make it, however, really original funny. First of all, we can move in all directions and take action against the enemy. We are able to launch light and heavy attacks, both of which can be loaded by holding down the dedicated button. By alternating them at specific times, you can then create different combos, all effective and beautiful to see. The parade is dedicated to a special button, which if carried out with extreme precision just before being hit, teleports us behind the opponent, who remains in this way uncovered. Then present the projections, or useful tricks to hit the opponent in any situation, since they cannot be saved. We then have i killing blows, particularly powerful techniques that consume energy bars and that can be equipped and unlocked continuing in history. But to greatly expand an already valid combat system are the private events and heroic entries. The first are completely random events that can occur during combat, like a meteor shower capable of damaging both us and our enemy. It is therefore essential, in similar circumstances, to keep an eye on the surrounding environment as well, so as not to be in a clear disadvantage. With the heroic entries, however, we can request the intervention of a hero who is nearby and who needs a timer to get to the battlefield. After the timer expires, we can take control of the hero in question using his moves and abilities. These are gimmicks that certainly diversify the gaming experience, making it more lively than ever. Continuing the story, they then unlock i super fatal shots, real finisher able to inflict significant damage on the victim. Truly a varied, rich, dynamic and that system does not stop having fun, I assure you.

One Punch Man: A

You live in the city

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows provides the player with a city to explore, when obviously you don't fight. This is initially very narrow, but as it progresses through history it gradually widens with new areas available. Within the gaming world we have three main types of activities to carry out: the Headquarters missions,  Branch missions he assignments citizens. While the first two types of activities are those that actually advance the story, the assignments are simple requests made by citizens or other heroes. Such requests can consist of the most varied tasks, from simple ones fetch quest of delivery until further fighting. Additionally, while quests can be repeated as often as desired, city assignments are only available for completion once, so they are not farmable. It must also be said that, even when unlocked in its entirety, the map of the city it is not particularly wide, but is however characterized by sufficient elements and activities. In this sense it could perhaps have been Do more, and further diversify the game environment would certainly not have spoiled it, on the contrary.

Save the world growing and in style

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is further characterized by a truly progression, enhancement and personalization system large full of possibilities. First, the main difference between Headquarters missions and those of its branches is in the type of reward. The former in fact give us both evaluation points and contribution points. The evaluation points allow our hero to increase his rank and therefore climb the ranking, aspiring to the maximum one. Contribution points, on the other hand, increase our popularity among citizens and therefore also influence the trust they place in us. This can lead them to entrust us with more important tasks with greater rewards. Branch missions, on the other hand, only award contribution points. In general, the system is as follows: obtaining contribution points increases our reputation and convinces the Headquarters to entrust us with missions, completing which we obtain evaluation points that allow us to increase our rank. Also, by completing missions and fights we get experience points, useful both to level up our character and to unlock new slots for killing blows and additional skills. Without forgetting i growth points, through which to increase the statistics of our character, five in total: vitality, strength, killing blows, energy bar and heroic entries.

One Punch Man: A

Also present skill, certain skills with which it is possible to increase the aforementioned characteristics without using experience points and which must be equipped in special slots. Skills can also be purchased in book stores on the map. Exactly, I talked about shops as another aspect that characterizes Spike Chunsoft's work is the Customization of our hero from different points of view. First of all, we can buy new clothing inside the different stores, but not only. In addition to the skills already mentioned, it is possible to buy different objects that impact our parameters and that can be resold. In addition, from the menu we can choose it fighting style of our protagonist. We have the most balanced one, the heaviest one based on powerful attacks or the style that allows you to use melee weapons that can be purchased in stores. A certain fighting style determines the type of killing blow which can be launched, so it is up to us to choose the one that is most congenial to us. A separate mention deserves the our home, which we can freely customize by choosing the furniture and interiors we prefer. This element does not affect gameplay and game mechanics in any way, but it is still a pleasant addition that enriches the overall offer.

One Punch Man: A

A challenge not to be underestimated

Returning to examine the fights of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, it must be specified that they they should not be taken lightly. Often the enemies turn out to be particularly tough, and not paying the right attention during the clashes can easily expose us to their attacks. In this context, I strongly advise you to prepare for certain clashes which may prove more complicated than expected. In order to complete certain tasks it may indeed be necessary to adequately enhance our character, perhaps completing other missions before dedicating himself to a specific challenge. A difficulty which, it is good to add, is never frustrating, but which invites one to give always the best and to progress in the adventure. The level of challenge on which the title is calibrated manages, without a shadow of a doubt, to entice players to continue on the adventure. And this is also only offline, given the satisfaction deriving from defeating decidedly valid AI which, however, cannot compete with online users.

One Punch Man: A

Another main pivot around which One Punch Man rotates: A Hero Nobody Knows is in fact the multiplayer component. Inside the city we can come across the avatars of other players, interact with them via chat and emote e challenge them in combat. At the reception of the headquarters there are also the Online Events in progress, which can be accessed at any time. To be fully enjoyed, the title should actually be played in the company, but I guarantee you that it is not a necessary condition to have fun and appreciate the quality of the work of the boys by Spike Chunsoft.

Be heroes, with some uncertainty

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows proves itself technically valid, while lending its side to certain uncertainties on more than one occasion. Despite the title turns in a fairly stable and fluid way, settling around 60 FPS especially in the fighting, many times they are found lag declines in performance sudden. This is especially true when you are inside cities, and especially when traveling. In certain situations then the NPC models are slow to load, and consequently it is necessary to wait a few seconds before being able to interact with them. These are not particularly serious shortcomings, but that nonetheless slow the game experience, it being understood that the title is still fully enjoyable. In the long run, moreover, the title can suffer a certain repetitiveness, both of the tasks to be carried out and of the battles to be faced. In this context, the advice is not to engage in too long sessions, but to approach the game a little at a time, to mitigate the effect as much as possible boredom and repetition.

One Punch Man: A

A decidedly valid experience

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, summing up, is an experience to try. The title is much more multifaceted and rich than it might seem, and is able to satisfy both fans of the series and lovers of fighting games. We are certainly not talking about a masterpiece, but about a work that knows what it is and what it does entertains without too many pretensions and above all without taking itself seriously, sharing the irony and comedy of the original anime. Not a game to buy absolutely e blindly, however: if you are not fond of the manga or the animated series and easily accuse the repetitiveness, you can look elsewhere. If instead you are ready to take on the role of the hero and defeat the forces of evil, do not hesitate to put your hand on the pad, because the city needs you.