Several months have passed since the launch of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, the return on stage of the authors of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games. For those who remember it, the ending of the work contained a small trailer for the next chapter of the anthology, called Little hope and arriving this year on a date yet to be determined. The CEO of the development company, Pete Samuels, has revealed some details on the title in the last few hours through a small update.

“Trapped and isolated in the abandoned city of Little Hope, four students and their teacher must escape the nightmares that haunt them through the fog. As they seek an escape route, they will have to discover the meaning behind these events and their connection to the root of evil.

As for the launch window, Samuels has revealed that The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available starting from this summer. Considering that the trailer indicated a generic 2020, we have another clue towards the definitive release date.

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