Il Coronavirus is having numerous repercussions in the entertainment world, including the cancellation of events like the Cartoomics and Overwatch League or delays in the production of hardware such as the Valve Index. In short, the spread of the disease is having both curious and unexpected repercussions, and the latter has to do with Plague Inc., the well-known epidemic simulator.

The developer, Ndemic Creations, has indeed reported through his place that the game was removed from the App Store in China, due to the phantom presence of "illegal content". No more detailed justification has been provided than this, and the author of the title himself is very confused about the connection it may have with Coronavirus.

At the moment, Ndemic Creations is trying to contact Cyberspace Administration of China to identify the problem and solve it, so that Plague Inc. can be reintegrated into the store. Removal represents an extremely unfortunate incident for the developer, especially now that sales are soaring precisely because of the spread of the virus.