In a world populated by creatures fantasy of all kinds, which too accustomed to the comforts offered by modern world technology have forgotten how to use the magic, two young elven brothers are ready to live the craziest day of their lives just to spend even 24 hours with their long-dead father. These are the premises of Onward: Beyond magic, the last home effort Pixar, directed by Dan Scanlon (former director of Monsters University) and the next one coming in Italian theaters 16 April.

Note: the film was originally due to be released in Italy on March 5, but due to the closure of cinemas in the northern regions due to Coronavirus, it was postponed to April 16.

The plot

What would you give just to spend a day with a loved one who is gone? Hence the story of Onward, a film that the director Dan Scalon he defined it almost autobiographical and personal, as he and his older brother, just like the two protagonists of the story, lost their father at a young age, and therefore fantasized for years about how they would spend their special day with their missing father .

On his sixteenth birthday, the young man Ian Lightfoot, a shy and clumsy teen elf, receives a gift special: a gift that the father, who died before he could ever know him, wanted the son to receive it on that very date. The legacy who receive Ian and his unruly older brother Barley it is a magic stick and a formula for a spell that can bring the father back to the world of the living for 24 hours, so that the two siblings can spend time with the parent who has never been able to see them grow up. During the spell, however, something goes wrong, and Ian and Barley find themselves embarking on a crazy journey in search of a artefact able to complete the magic.

Yet another technical jewel of Pixar

At the level visual and technical we are once again faced with a real one pearl of the Pixar home. The Californian animation studio is in fact now an approved guarantee in the 3D modeling of characters, objects and settings, and the big screen of a cinema is able to enhance even more the almost obsessive cure for details in all models of the film.

La colonna sonora is a successful mix of fantasy-epic, almost orchestral themes, and more modern and rock songs, which accompany the journey on the road of the two protagonists on board the faithful steed (or the ramshackle van) of Barley, nicknamed by the latter "Geneva". Disney and Pixar also chose gods voice actors first class for the two brothers, in the original language Ian's voice is in fact from Tom Holland (the last cinematic Spider-Man), while that of Barley is entrusted to Chris Pratt (Star-Lord). In the Italian edition of Onward we have chosen (wisely) to keep the voices we are used to for Holland and Pratt, and that we have known over the years with the MCU, respectively the two are in fact voiced by Alex Polidori e Andrea Mete. To complete the Italian cast we find Sabrina Ferilli, like Laurel, the mother of the two, and Fabio Volo, like Wilden, the deceased father who is initially a narrator. In our local version of the film they appear as small dubbing cameos too Lorenzo Ostuni (in art Favij), like a Spirit, Raul Cremona, as a sorcerer's apprentice, and David Porec, like a waiter.

Depth and maturity

The various creatures that inhabit the world of the Pixar movie have forgotten what magic is, they have stopped to believe, addicted to the comforts that technology has provided over time. Just like all the surrounding characters (some more or less successful) that populate the film, even the young man January he has stopped believing, both in magic and in himself, and is therefore a Barley, an incurable optimist and dreamer, trying to convince his younger brother that anything is possible if you really want it with all your heart. Onward is therefore a film that tells the story of the search for a missing father, but also of the search for the true self. The journey that the two protagonists face, so different, but also so linked, is a story focused on the concept of mutual support, and about being able to unlock your own potentiality taking risks for others.

Despite the feature being directed to an audience of families with children, as a classic of the movies by now Pixar Animation Studios, the basic message passes in a disruptive way even for those who are a few years older. Onward he knows how to make people laugh, but also to reflect and excite, and offers all types of spectators some sweet food for thought, but at the same time maturi, able to bring out awareness that often, also clouded by all the stimuli that technology offers, we put in a drawer. When you leave the room you will realize that Onward has left you something inside, that something that only Pixar films can communicate in quel way. They have been pushing us for decades now, even if we are all with a few more years, to continue going to the theater and let ourselves be thrilled by the works in computer graphics born in the now distant 1995 from Ed Catumull, Steve Jobs e John Lasseter.