Blizzard has announced that, right in these hours, it is possible to access the event dedicated to Carnival 2020 on Overwatch. Fat Tuesday Challenge of Ashe, this is the name of the event playable until March 9, 2020, will give us the opportunity to play some experimental modes and get different rewards.

Enjoy the little pleasures of life with Ashe's Shrove Tuesday Challenge, now available on Overwatch for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

From now until March 9, players will be able to enjoy the party and get six sprays, two icons and the Epic model Shrove Tuesday for Ashe (and BOB) for a total of nine new rewards.

Furthermore, the Experimental mode is available on all platforms. Read below for details.

Ashe's Shrove Tuesday Challenge: Play and Get

By winning in Quick Match, Competitive Match or Arcade you will get new icons, a new spray and a new epic model:

  • Win 3 games | 2 icons
  • Win 6 games | 1 new spray
  • Win 9 games | Epic Model Shrove Tuesday for Ashe (and BOB)

 Ashe's Shrove Tuesday Challenge: look and get

Look at the Twitch streamer before, during or after matches to unlock other cosmetic items from Ashe and BOB. Until March 9, by tuning to the channels of the participating streamers you can get up to five sprays of the Shrove Tuesday challenge of Ashe!

  • Watch for 2 hours | 1 new spray
  • Watch for 4 hours | 2 new sprays
  • Watch for 6 hours | 2 new sprays

Experimental mode

Experimental mode allows the Overwatch team to test the most important changes to game dynamics, similar to how content updates are tested on the Public Test Realm (PTR), with the difference that they are now being tested on the live game for PC and console. Unlike PTR, progress in Experimental Mode is kept on your account. The publication in the other game modes of the contents implemented in the experimental mode is not guaranteed.

The first test of Experimental Mode will focus on Triple attack hero, who will set the basic roles of a formation to a tank, three attack heroes and two support heroes. Players will be able to try "Triple Attack Hero" for a limited period of time.

Will you also try to get the new costume dedicated to Ashe? Or will you enjoy playing the experimental modes?