ValuingProject, the new title of Riot Games currently in production, would have found an official name: Valuing.

It is an FPS of which very little information has been leaked so far but, finally, it seems at least its commercial name has surfaced.

The brand was registered a few days ago, on February 20, 2020 to be exact, and is still awaiting confirmation.

The most interesting proof though, is the creation of a official twitter account on behalf of Valorant: so far has never published any post and stands just above 4 thousand followers.

The curious thing? Much of these are streamers and e-sports athletes who mainly play FPS and Battle Royale.

These are personalities known in the world of competitive gaming (such as in the case of Flowers) who have probably already obtained a lot of information on the title of Riot Games, undisclosed due to the usual NDA.

All these elements lead to think that Valorant will be the next IP of the creators of league of legends and that the software house is focusing strongly on the competitive side of the title right away and its streaming.

As said then, official information on the project is scarce, but the official announcement seems to be imminent.