Lucasfilm officially revealed The High Republic, a new series of stories taking place 200 years ago of the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

The name of High Republic refers to the entire new setting in which films, books, series and any other related medium will presumably be set.

The initiative is a collaboration between Del Rey, IDW Publishing, Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm Press. The announcement is also accompanied by a four-minute video. During this time, the Jedi are at their peak and we will learn about "What scares the Jedi", According to Michael Siglain di Lucasfilm.

The various projects already announced in this regard include the Light of the Jedi book by Charles Soule, the comic of High Republic by Cavan Scott, the High Republic Adventures films by Daniel José Older, dedicated to an audience of children, a young adult book entitled A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland e Into the Dark by Claudia Gray. We also hope to see some game, although there is no indication at the moment.

There will not be a single character but the stories will all be intertwined with each other. More information on Star Wars: The High Republic is expected in August 2020.