Nintendo Switch version of Samurai Shodown, fighting game developed by SNK and already available on Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC since last June 25.

Since its creation in 1993, the Samurai Shodown series has redefined its genre. 11 years after his last release, he arrives with one brand new addition on Nintendo Switch! Discover the fighting game that took the world by storm!

■ Unparalleled warriors return to Japan in the 1700s!
3 completely new characters to the series will join the 13 already present. This latest chapter takes place a year before the events of the original Samurai Shodown game, where tensions are still hot in the land of the Rising Sun!

■ Suspense and intrigue await you!
The classic Samurai Shodown concepts like Rage Gauge, Lightning Blade and super special moves are back! Turn the situation around one step away from your death! A real fighting experience awaits you on Nintendo Switch!

■ Play wherever and whenever you want on Nintendo Switch
It's easier than ever to fight a friend using the Nintendo Switch table mode. Simply pass a Joy-Con and play! Plus, you can fight anywhere in the world using portable mode!

■ New characters join the fight with the DLC!
Fan favorites Rimururu, Kubikiri Basara, Kazuki Kazama and Wan Fu are back! Additionally, Samurai Shodown III's Hisame Shizumaru will be included as a playable character.

So we'll see if the peculiarity of playing on the move and sharing the Joy-Con will be able to give success to this latest version of the title. The confirmation of this title seems to be basically for the continuation of the series. We recall in fact that in the last hours, the Director of the title has its own talked about the future linked to the brand.