More and more often we hear about streaming game, with Google Stadia attempting this approach with fairly good results but currently, perhaps, it is still too early to completely abandon consoles as we know them.

It is no coincidence that Microsoft, despite wanting to target precisely this with Project xCloud, has recently unveiled some technical specifications of the Xbox X Series, proving that the power of the machine will still dominate.

However, he expressed himself on the subject Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, patter of the future of video games and reiterating what we have heard several times: the future is streaming and Spencer imagines it as we use today Spotify o Netflix.

Here are his words:

I think it will be very different from today. Below our TVs there will likely be many streaming consoles, with machines that don't need physical disk and storage devices. It will all go through streaming, which will pass everything to TV. Indeed, perhaps even some of these devices will be integrated into the TV itself.

This does not mean that there will also be high-end devices, just like today: if we think about videos and music we have different services that work the same way, more or less, on any device. Today I have many more devices than I have ever had in the past and just to watch TV.

The same goes for music. Now I have Spotify in my ears, I have Spotify in my pocket, at home ... I can connect to my music services on many different devices and with different fidelity levels: on large screens, small screens, with mono sound or stereo sound, we can listen to music on a single headset, it's up to us to decide how we want to use a service. You can choose a hit and run solution because you are around and satisfied, or a high level solution because you are at home and have the right equipment.

Here, I think video games will have a similar evolution, they will work on different devices and at different performances depending on where they will be run. We must be free to play wherever we want: of course, there will always be a main place where there is the main machine and the ideal place where we use the service to the maximum possibility, but we must have the freedom to use the same product wherever I want .

An easily imaginable scenario since, as Phil Spencer himself used as examples, it is something that comes close to Netflix and Spotify. Probably doing it with video games is much more complicated, but sooner or later we will get there, maybe.