PUBG RevenueAlthough the battle royale genre is evidently in a downward trend, one of the three main competitors has seen its revenues growing and, somewhat surprisingly, it is PUBG.

The title of Bluehole he was undoubtedly the main architect of the widespread diffusion of real battles, before being overtaken by two fierce competitors such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Also due to the free to play model of the latter (against PUBG's buy to play model) and a decidedly less "hardcore" approach to the BR genre, the titles of Epic e Respawn they easily managed to fit in the wake of the success of their competitor and to reach a wider audience.

Now, however, the cards on the table seem to have changed.

Superdata in fact, he published the January report on the state of the digital gaming market, highlighting how revenue from free to play titles on consoles dropped 42% from the previous year, mainly due to the decline in Fortnite.

As for the so-called "premium segment" instead, the drop was 19%.

PUBG RevenuePUBG Revenues Soar, Fortnite Still Declining

The most interesting results, however, came from the battle royale sector: Superdata revealed that Fortnite's decline continues and its earnings have hit their lowest point since November 2017.

Apex Legends, for its part, saw a 12% increase in users on consoles thanks to the event "Grand Soiree". Despite this, its collections are down compared to December.

Revenue growth for PUBG, which comes out victorious in this little confrontation: Playerunknown's battle royale, with the launch of season 6, has seen its revenue grow an impressive 512% on PC, compared to the previous month. A significant figure that put an end to a substantially negative period for the stock.

The bad news, however, comes from a community that does not seem to appreciate the current state of the game: many streamers and veteran players have in fact decided to quit PUBG controversially, going to penalize, among other things, the number of viewers on Twitch.