1500 GeForce Now titles

Nvidia has announced that over 1500 titles will arrive on GeForce Now.

The famous hardware manufacturer has announced that the service has already exceeded one million subscribers between free plan and Founder Membership, including a 90-day trial period.

During its long beta phase, GeForce Now had gathered around 300.000 users and saw his numbers soaring obviously after the February release.

Nvidia has structured its service on two floors: that Free, with sessions limited to one hour in duration and that Founders, which eliminates this restriction at the price of € 5,49 per month.

With the launch of the paid plan, the Santa Clara company had taken into account the possibility that some publishers would have decided to remove their titles from the catalog before the end of the trial phase, what actually happened in the case of Activision Blizzard.

"Approaching the end of this transition period, the removal of games from the service should thin out and new games will be added weekly" said Nvidia.

The company has already communicated how they already exist 1500 titles ready to land on GeForce Now and that users can expect a large amount of content in the future.

Among these, Cyberpunk 2077 stands out, which will be available on the Nvidia platform already at launch.