The digital market is increasingly taking hold and those who still buy physical games are doing it more and more online. The stores are therefore seeing a real crisis and among these also falls GameStop, the well-known chain that until a few years ago was practically synonymous with a video game store.

It is therefore not new to hear that the American chain is in crisis, with several financial reports showing what has been said, but now I am talking the same employees who feel the crisis on their skin. In an article published by Polygonin fact, several statements were collected from former and current employees who all draw the same situation.

Un ex store manager commented as follows:

“I think a thousand more stores will close this year. They have to cut costs. The retail video game market is dying. "

What confirmed by another director:

Customers have declined significantly over the past two years, apart from a few holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday and big game days.

For this reason, the attitude on the part of managers is changing, or in any case it is perceptible that something is not going as it should, as admitted by a assistant manager:

“Society is frenetic and wary. It is perceived by every message they send. The structure is falling apart. "

As you probably have noticed by entering a GameStop shop, employees have long offered various products, such as films for mobile phones, telephone plans and fiber. To talk about it is a current employee:

“They want us to persecute customers to sell them cell phones, tablets and related products. Recently a senior manager told me that approaching the customer and waiting for him to notice us is no longer enough. If you don't achieve your goals, you're out. "

In the words of the employees, managers would force them to be persistent towards customers, even to those who enter without the intention of buying something but only to take a look and ask for information. Behavior that, on the contrary, is bringing the opposite effect, with people who are "afraid" of even entering stores, to avoid being attacked.

A truly unpleasant situation, especially for all those employees who are likely to lose their jobs in case they really do GameStop decided to close other stores. For sure situations like this they don't help, but has the end really come for the American video game chain?